There are far too many beautiful names out there, but some of our favourites are inspired by flowers. Names like Lily and Rose have remained timeless classics and we’re not one bit surprised.

Baby names inspired by flowers are so pure and dainty- how could you not love them? We’re sharing our top flower names that will be the perfect fit for your darling daughter.

  1. Rose- after the romantic bloom
  2. Marigold- bright and sunny like your little tot
  3. Heather- perfect for a winter baba
  4. Posie- a bunch of flowers for your bundle of joy
  5. Lily- a timeless classic
  6. Violet- after the gorgeous purple bloom
  7. Dahlia- meaning Dahl’s flower
  8. Bryony- after the tree climbing herb
  9. Daisy- the most cheerful flower
  10. Ivy- meaning faithfulness 
  11. Jasmine- the most beautiful white flower
  12.  Primrose- meaning first rose
  13.  Yasmin- meaning God’s gift
  14.  Saffron- for your sunny summer babe
  15.  Poppy- after the gorgeous red bloom

Let me know which name is your favourite!

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