Hello there, I am Vivien

and this is my beautiful family. I started this photography business due to one simple reason. Trust me; I've been right where you are searching aimlessly for a photographer that meets all my specific needs. Well, good news! Your search is over- I'm just that person!

Back in time, I was not able to find a photographer who was able to capture those cute little smiles of my children. Back in time everything was so old fashioned and I wanted happy, beautiful pictures of my children. So I upgrade my camera, learned from photographers in the US and here I am today, able to capture those moments for families, I was hoping for when my children were born. I absolutely love what I do and I can't imagine what life would be, without all those adorable children and cute cuddles in my life. I am blessed with my family and the job I am doing every day.

Photo by Lisa Meyer Fotografie Germany

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