Simple Autumn Outdoor Sessions

How to prepare for your Shoot?

  • Location p36rh59. My number is 0862330582.
  • Ensure that any band-aids on the foot, thigh, or any other areas are removed if they are no longer needed. 
  • Make sure to iron your clothes before the shoot to ensure a polished look. 
  • Ensure that there are no visible tattoos on the arms and legs of the kids, as they are difficult to remove in pictures. 
  • If your child wears nail polish, please make sure it looks great for the shoot and matches the clothing they are wearing.
  • While it is not necessary to dress the same, it is recommended to have clothes that look great together. Simpler and more timeless outfits tend to work well. Please look below for examples.
  • For smaller girls, please make sure they wear something underneath their dresses and skirts to hide the nappy and underwear. 
  • Lastly, please avoid ponytails as they may give the appearance of no hair from certain angles.

Need some clothing inspiration for your shoot?

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