Thank you for booking my Christmas Minis

How to prepare for your Shoot?

  • Please arrive ready dressed and on time, my Eircode is p36rh59.
  • Make sure all the clothes look great together.
  • your session is 30 min long, if you late it will cut into your session time.
  • 0862330582 just in case
  • There will be two areas in the studio, one is an indoor (fireplace and Santa workshop) and one is an outdoor snow area.
  • Please iron your clothes.
  • If the kids have any band-aids on the foot, thigh, etc., please remove them if not needed anymore.
  • No tattoos on the arms and legs of the kids, they are very hard to remove.
  • If you child wears nail polish , please make sure it looks great or remove it. Also make sure the colour of the nail polish fits to the Christmas clothes.
  • Make sure your baby has napped and eaten before the shoot, older kids also need to be feed. Please bring a bottle for the baby & drinks for the kids.
  • It is perfectly okay to bring bribes to the photoshoot. However please don't mention them until it's really necessary. The session is only 30 min, they don't really need a bribe.
  • Please avoid any self tanning products as they will stain babies clothes during the shoot and I am afraid fake tan lines and yellow skin will not be edited.
  • Smaller girls - make sure they were something underneath the dresses and skirts, to hide the nappy and underwear.
  • No ponytails! They look like no hair from some angles. Curled hair, pigtails or just open hair looks really nice for pictures.
  • There are no shoes allowed in the studio due to Covid-19 restrictions apart from they are fully clean and only put on in the studio. No high heels!

Indoor Scene:

traditional Christmas clothes, red, green, blue, white, browns

or Christmas PJs

Snow Backdrop

The same clothes as for the indoor backdrop will work,

but you can change into a more outdoor style.

Colors: red, green, white

If you want you can bring hats, and scarves and woolly jumpers.

The backdrops for the Christmas Minis 2021

Where to shop Christmas Clothes?