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Corporate Headshots give potential customers confidence when seeking information about your business. It reassures clients that there is a real person behind the services you provide.

Prices from 250 Euro

Evoke empathy through your photos

No matter which sector within your business, linking what your company does to the person behind the action is essential. A potential customer must feel comfortable choosing your company over another. The key to earning a customer’s trust is to be as honest as possible and put your staff at the forefront. Trust is a subjective feeling rather than a rational act. Empathy is instinctively triggered by human contact.

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Put your staff in their best light

Corporate portraits are the best way to portray the image of your company and employees. Having no photos on your site will make it look bland and lack identity. But what’s even worse is a site with bad pictures of your employees, this could be catastrophic for your reputation.

To avoid these problems, put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Do your employees make you want to work there? To get these attractive, high-quality photos, hire me, this will help you give the right impression of your company.

Pricing & Packages

Head Shots & Social Media

You will receive 10 different images fitted to your business and brand. Those 10 images will come in different crops to fit all social media channels. Ready for you to use. Ideal for personal branding!

from 400 Euro

Head Shots

This package will include 5 different head shots for you to use as digitals.

from 250 Euro

Head Shot, Social Media, Website

This package will include 15 different images for you to use for social media platforms and images for your website. All images will come in different crops to use on all platforms and feeds.

from 550 Euro

Stand out from the crowd

The goal is to clearly show the right reasons to get in touch with your company over others. It is therefore imperative that your company stands out from other companies offering similar services. By having corporate photos taken of your company, you will some the human side of your company, which if done correctly will also reflect your values and standards.

To get the best, high-quality photographs, hire me and we will mirror the image you want to convey.

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