Thank you for booking your Maternity Session.

I can't wait to meet you and Take those images for you and your family.

Please find below some information, on how to prepare for your photography session in east Cork.

maternity pregnancy family photos in west waterford outdoor on beach and grassland ardmore


What to bring?

-scan picture if you like
-baby's first outfit if you have one
-anything you like in the photos


Please bring underwear and bras fitting to your dress colour. If you are unsure, it's always good to bring a nude set. But you have a white, black and a nude set please do bring them all.


The best hair style for a maternity session, is open, either straight or with curls, this is important for Mommy and Girls. If the hair falls into the face please find a clip the the girls.

Tanning products

I would personally stay away from tanning products especially if you want to wear my white dresses, because the tan robs off on the dress and it doesn't look pretty in pictures. I do not fix tan lines of fake skin products.

Bandaids and Tattoo on kids

Please remove all bandaids and tattoos before your session. If you remove them at the session your child might get upset and you really don't want that. Tattoos are really hard to remove in photoshop, please try to avoid them!


I do not allow shoes in the studio. Please be aware of that. As I use all my floors for pictures and I don't want to photograph your child on a dirty floor. And also think about where those shoes have been and the germs it carried out of toilets, pubs streets and footpath.

Nails and Hands

Please ensure that your and especially your children's nails and nail polish look great, or just use none. No nail polish would be my preferred choice for all kids.

Make up

I know you don't want to be pale in your pictures, but please keep your make up as natural as possible. Dads have usually red skin and siblings are usually quite pale. So you wanna be there with them. Too much or a too orange make up, will look out of place.
I hope this makes sense.

What should we wear?

I will give lots of info on that below!

Bribes for older kids

Bring a snack, iPad or a toy and you'll if you like but please don't offer it from the beginning. This session is only 1 h and most kids are fine with that time frame.

maternity pregnancy family photos in west waterford outdoor on beach and grassland ardmore
maternity pregnancy family photos in west waterford studio session
maternity pregnancy family photos outdoor christmas tree farm cork

What to wear for your Maternity session?

  • I have dresses for mom and for older siblings if you want to use them on the day, you are more than welcome to. Just let me.
  • Otherwise you can bring your own.
  • Mom long maxi dresses are best. I prefer solid and light colours such as white, pastels, light browns and creamy tones. If you wanna wear a top and pants, make sure the pants are not too dark and the top is not too baggy, otherwise the camera will add a few pounds, and we really don't want that. Embrace your body.
  • Dads: light shorts, chinos or pants, light coloured jeans (not black or dark blues). a shirt, t-shirt or thin top will do perfectly. It is warm so dont have too much clothes. No big patterns or writing on the clothes, it will distract from baby. Best colours are again, white, cream, light browns, pastels. organic greens, beige, mustards.
  • Sibling Boy: same as dad really, but don't dress them as twins :) Make sure the boys pants are not too big, because you will be forever fixing them and they will get annoyed with it.
  • Sibling girls, same as mam really, but short dresses are really cute for them, rather than long. Make sure younger girls wear diaper covers. I also have some if you don't have any.
  • Try to avoid clothes that doesn't fit right, especially for dad, because most likely dad does not want to be there, so we try to keep it as easy as possible for him.
  • Just make sure you all fit together, but keep it simple.
  • Please find here all my dresses!

Keep the clothes as light and as organic as possible

maternity pregnancy family photos in west waterford indoor in studio

Where to shop Clothes?

Where am I located?

make sure to allow enough time to get to me. I know its not easy to leave the house with a newborn. My eircode is p36rh59, in Youghal, Co. Cork