Newborn Photo Shoot

Capturing the earliest moments of their precious life is the first steps to creating life long, timeless memories to cherish forever. Being able to see themselves in pictures from the very beginning has been proven to boost self esteem. It’s easy for these days to pass by so quickly, your baby changes every day. Booking a newborn baby photographer ensurea these moments aren’t missed ensures that you can remember them forever, celebrating the new life, lovingly created. 

Professional and Insured

Your tiny newborn deserves to be handled with care and love. Rest assured that as a professional, your baby will be taken care of. With past professional experience as a registered paediatric nurse , feel confident in the knowledge that your newborn babys safety is paramount, coming first above any pose. Feeling peace of mind because of my years of training and experience as a health professional and as a photographer with the best in the country.

When To Book A Newborn Session:

The best time to book in for your newborn photography session is around 5-14 days of age, when your baby is most sleepy and able to curl up into beautiful womb poses. However this timing is flexible as each mother and her baby is unique, sessions can be accepted up to 1 month. Please note, after around 14 days, your baby is likely to be more alert and the sleepiest of poses are not guaranteed. It is recommended that you get in touch around the 30 week mark of your pregnancy .


I have a little prep guide on what to bring for your newborn session. but basically all you have to do is get here and I will do the rest for you. Mom, Dad and siblings are very welcome to join for the pictures and trust me those images are the most precious, as only in a family photo you can see the true size of your new addition to the family.

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