Thank you for booking my Halloween Sessions

How to prepare for your Shoot?

  • Please make sure to arrive dressed and ready on time. The studio is located at my address: , with the Eircode p36rh59. 
  • If your child has any band-aids on their foot, thigh, or anywhere else, please remove them if they are no longer needed.
  • Shoes are allowed in the studio, but please ensure they are completely clean and only worn inside ( were other shoes coming to the session ). 
  • Please remember to iron your clothes before the shoot. 
  • Avoid using any self-tanning products, as they may stain the baby's clothes. Additionally, fake tan lines and yellow skin cannot be edited out. 
  • If your child has tattoos on their arms or legs, please try to cover them as they are difficult to remove in post-production.
  • If your child is wearing nail polish, please ensure it looks great or remove it. Keep in mind that pink or rainbow-colored nail polish may not be suitable for autumn pictures, unless it matches the costume.
  • For smaller girls wearing dresses or skirts, please make sure they wear something underneath to hide the nappy and underwear. 
  • Avoid ponytails for the shoot, as they may give the appearance of no hair from certain angles. Curled hair, pigtails, or leaving the hair open usually looks great in pictures.  

The backdrops for the Halloween Sessions 1st. Oct 2023

Definitely the below two backdrops, I will also add another depending on the age groups booked in to this.

What to wear?

Harry Potter Backdrop

Please have your child in a back / grey top and jeans. I have the Harry Potter cloak but you are very welcome to bring your own outfit if you like. It really depends on what you like to do.

Halloween Backdrop

You can wear anything you like. If you do makeup please consider that you hassle having Harry Potter pictures. Now the pictures don't have to be Harry Potter. They can be Wizard themed and all Halloween costumes would still work with the Harry Potter theme. so it completely up to you.

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